GENDEG is a highly concentrated 100 % environmental friendly safe, biodegradable heavy duty degreaser and hydro carbon emulsifier, for use in the industrial, household, hospitality, abattoir, mining, agriculture industries.
It serves as an all purpose cleaner, and replaces about 90% of cleaning products

GENDEG, has been approved by the Department of Water Affairs, for safe discharge into any drain/storm water drain. One of very few products in its class in South Africa to have been approved by (DWAF). No Chemical without the above approval may be discharged in any drain whatsoever!

GENDEG has one of the best risk and safety ratings in its class:

? R36/37/38 on all components
? Safety rating of S2
o Non Hazardous/ Non corrosive
o Requires no PPE
o Contains no Phosphates
o Contains no Acids/ bleach/ Ammonia/Alcohol
o Does not contain Nonylphenol 9
o Contains no VOC’s ( can be used in confined spaces)/ non Flammable/ No Flashpoint
o Contains no carcinogenic properties ( cancer causing agent)
? Most cleaning chemicals, contain a chemical with carcinogenic properties
o Does not contain Butyl Oxitol
o Breaks down all Hydro carbons
o Easy to apply
o Not labour intensive Very effective and instantly reacts

GENDEG serves as an Emulsifier, meaning, where GENDEG is applied it stops the Hydro Carbons from penetrating further on the surface where the spill is.  So stopping contamination of the area.

Endorsed by:
? Barloworld Equipment- CAT South Africa

GENDEG is the true environmental friendly Degreaser


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