Is an Eco Friendly, biodegradable bitumen/tar remover. For use in the Industrial industry, and sea oil spills.

  • Bio-Marine is classified as a type 1 oil spill dispersant.
  • Bio-Marine emulsifies crude oil and other light hydrocarbon oils
  • The product can also be used as a medium to heavy duty degreaser in workshops
  • It does not contain volatile components and is therefore safe to use in enclosed areas
  • An effective oil separator
  • Great for Oil spills
  • The product is applied particularly in areas of environmental concern or conditions where it may come into direct contact with the environment that is natural water streams, vegetation and soil.
  • The product is suitable for cleaning hard surfaces and will remove most type of lubricating grease.
  • Bio-Marine can be used in the following areas.
    • Workshops and mobile units
    • Hydrocarbon spills on soil
    • Hand/manual application cleaning
    • Areas with a high fire risk

Risk and Safety rating:



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