Sinbac – P  is a slow oxygen releasing disinfectant which is based on oxygen containing potassium and sodium inorganic salts. On degradation the product releases nascent oxygen which will destroy or irreesversible inactivate specified fungi and bacteria on hard surfaces. The product is non-toxic, non-irritant (except eyes ) and does not form harmful organic compounds as in the case of halogens. Oxygen release is non-irritant and it is therefore safe to apply the product manually in closed and poorly ventilated areas. It is safe to use in kennels,pet stores, shelters, stables greenhouses and toilets. Object surfaces may be treated by wiping, brushing, spraying or missing.

Sinbac – P is a broad spectrum disinfectant effective against bacteria,viruses and fungi.It is used as s 0.5 -3 %  solution in water with a kill rate of 99.9 % on pathogens after a contact time of 10 minutes and more. Freshly prepared solutions will be stable for 5 days. The effectiveness of the product is illiustrated as follows:

Use dilution:  0.5%- 3% will provide 0.5 -4.5 % active oxygen.

Contact time 10-20 minutes ( depending on surface dirt )

Effective against:

Bacteria  1) Vegetative

                2) Spore

                3) Mycobacteria

Vuruses   1) Non- enveloped

                2) Enveloped


At recommended application and dilution Sinbac – P has a residual efficacy of 30- 60 minutes at 20° C. Residual efficacy depends on the following environmental factors:

  1. Organic dirt on surface
  2. Temperature
  3. Humidity

The efficacy of a chemical used for sanitizing or disinfection rests upon its ability to penetrate or solubilise the organic biofilm that forms on hard surfaces. Biofilm provides ideal conditions and nutrients for microrganisms  to grow and multiply. Sinbac – P contains a surfactant system that will dissolve or soften the biofilm and therefore  increase its efficacy as a sanitiser.  Before disinfection it is important to preclean a surface that has multiple layers of organic deposits like oil,fat and protein with a suitable detergent or degreaser. Inadequate removel of organic layers of fat,oil and protein will impair the performance of any sanitiser or disinfectant.




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