GCB Trading is an Eco Friendly company that specialises in manufacturing of Biodegradable degreasers and Hydrocarbon Immulsifiers. We also specialise in client specific product development for the water and waste water treatment industries.

Being in the Chemical industry we also specialise in the niche industrial flooring market by supplying and applying various specialised architectural concrete overlays, protective coatings, custom and seamless flooring, concrete surface restoration, crack damage and repair products of high quality.


We at GCB Trading (PTY) LTD strive to supply and offer professional and outstanding services to the market and our clients.

By means of Quality products, after sales service and best prices.

We also ensure that we will supply the correct product for the required application.

We strive to be: 

  •    Consistent
  •    Professional
  •    Loyal,

             and competitive in the market !

Become a beacon in the marketplace by remembering what the journey is all about !!

GCB Trading is in the market to serve these industries:

  • Industrial
  • Household
  • Hospitality
  • Abattoir
  • Agricultural
  • Mining
  • Construction

We manufacture, supply and develop tailor-made products per our client requirements,

 Specialising in:

  • 100 % Eco friendly degreasers, water and solvent based
  • Moisturising hand cleaners / soap
  • Broad spectrum disinfectants
  • Bio-degradable oil spill kits
  • Various other chemicals /products, depending on client’s requirements/needs
  • All client specific

Water treatment:

Water is becoming a more and more scarce resource and should be preserved by all means, that is why at GCB trading we pride ourselves in developing unique, water treatment products, that moves away from conventional and mechanical processes, mostly chemical process which is environmentally safe and safe to use, utilising only basic infrastructure, saving our clients on treatment costs, while giving them great quality water

While we serve all these industries, GCB Trading also does Industrial flooring

Being approved applicators for StonCor Africa we provide the following services:

  • Various flooring systems depending on client and application for the floor,
    • Epoxy systems
    • Polyurethane  systems
    • Seamless systems
    • 5star structural concrete repair



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